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Liebe Forscherfreunde,

heute erreichte uns eine Anfrage aus Südafrika mit der Bitte um Unterstützung. Wer Hinweise liefern kann, möge sich bitte direkt mit Chris Bradshaw in Verbindung setzen.


My Great, Great-Grandfather, Johann Julius Frohlich was born, I believe, in Altpoderschau, Lessen, Altenburg on 11 September 1826. His parents were Michael Frohlich (born 1 March 1789 in Gorma/Altpoderschau) and Sabina (Reimschussel) Frohlich (born 2 January 1788 in Groba, Sac-Alt, Thuringen) who were married on 11 March 1811.  Johann Julius Frohlich emigrated to South Africa in 1858 with his wife Rosalie on a ship called La Rochelle from Hamburg.  In the ship’s passenger list Johann Julius is shown as being a carpenter and having originated from Schwartzburg but that may be where he settled as an adult.  I am descended from him on my paternal side.  I am trying to find out if there are any records which can verify the above information and provide further details on my ancestors.

I would also be very interested in finding out if there are any Frohlich or Reimschussel descendants still living in Altenburgerland.

Your assistance would be much appreciated or, if you cannot assist, perhaps you could direct me to an office or person who may be able to help me.

Many thanks & best regards

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